The Laboratory’s contribution to the entire Mechanical Engineering Department’s (Industrial Management Division) educational process is divided in two levels:

Undergraduate level

  •  2 mandatory courses in the 1st cycle of the studies
    • Operations Research I,
    • Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (forecasting).
  •  6 mandatory or optional courses in the 2nd and 3rd cycle of the studies
    • Production Management I,
    • Project Management,
    • Reliability Theory and Maintenance,
    • Logistics Management,
    • Supply Chain Management,
    • Simulation.

Postgraduate level

  • The Laboratory of Quantitative Analysis, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (in cooperation with the Laboratory of Business Administration, Industrial Management Division) is responsible for the operation of the “Management of Productivity Systems” program, which offers two degrees: Master in Management of Productivity Systems and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.